Turkmenmail is a free web based e-mail service owned by Turkmenweb, aiming to be among the world's most robust, user friendly and smart e-mail services, sticking to our main idea - being multilingual. Turkmenmail is the first turkmen e-mail service established in Turkmenistan and still continues to dominate Turkmenistan e-mail market.


Turkmenmail continues to serve Turkmenistan and the rest of the world since year 2000. It is totally sponsored and mainted by Turkmenweb - a software company owned by Muhammed Mamedov and located in Asghabat with representatives in Turkey, Turkmenistan, U.S.A, Ukraine. For more information about Turkmenweb visit their website located on http://www.turkmenweb.com

Our member community consists of people from all around the globe, mainly from United States, Europe, Central Asia and Far East.


To serve our members better, we plan to expand in the nearest future and return with even more e-mail domain names. Currently our e-mail software is generously provided by Everyone.net, but we want to move our facilities to Turkmenweb servers, including e-mail software. However, to make it even more competitive we are looking for sponsores who are able to support us financially. If you are ready to do so, contact us via

You can reach us by

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